This site has been designed to be Accessible for people with any degree of visual or motor impairment and users of screen readers.

It attained level WAI 'AA' on 10 August 2005, and was evaluated using Bobby and by subsequent manual checking.

The site was also validated as XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant on 10 August 2005, using the W3C and Web Design Group validators, with CSS compliance.

Future developments include that all links to documents on this site will show the file type and size.

Audio content and navigation for talking browsers and screen readers has been checked by listening to the site using JAWS. The site is also compatible with Supernova and IBM Home Page Reader when using Internet Explorer 5 or above. All trivial images have null Alt text.

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Screen Reader Setting Recommendations

For users of JAWS we recommend the following sort order title|text|alt|href as the best combination to set.