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In order to rate and/or review you first need to sign up. This will then allow you to rate and/or review locations.

If you have already signed up then all you need to do is sign in either from Browse Locations or by clicking the Sign in words at the top of the web page, you can then browse locations and rate your favourite ones.

As well as signposting to local BabyFeeding friendly businesses, signing up allows you to add your experience of baby/infant feeding in public places so that you can help other people. You are the expert. By adding your experience you are β€œtelling it as it really is” and contributing to a website very much for the people by the people to make going out with your child /children more pleasurable.


In order to create a business profile and add location(s) you must first sign up.

By signing up you can upload photographs, opening times and link to your website and provide more information such as opening times and facilities available to attract the baby/infant feeding community to your premises.

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